Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts For Designers (mac)

As designers we learn the keyboard shortcuts we need to be faster and more efficient, but what are some "need-to-know" shortcuts? Layers Magazine has a great informational article regarding handy shortcuts: mastering keyboard shortcuts


  • command z : undo a recent task
  • command a: select all
  • command s: saves your work
  • command q: quit an app
  • command w: close a window
  • command o: open a file
  • f: in most apps this is full screen view
  • command/alt/tab: switch between apps
  • space bar: in adobe apps gives us a hand tool to change the area in the screen
  • right click: most apps use this to access options for tools

Monday, March 7, 2011

Is print design on its way out?

With the technological advances in the handheld world, designing for print may seam like it's heading down a road to obsolete. Rest assured though, as long as the world sells products for us to use in our everyday lives, there will always be the need for print work. Companies will always advertise, logos will always be crucial, and the preference of many to keep things technologically simple will keep us in business. As graphic designers, it is our job to advance with technology. New things are always a challenge, but hard work always pays off. Proactive learning leads to new and more exciting ventures, and, more business for you.